Product Information
Optical color glass filters
Molded glass components
Optical glass materials
Melting, molding and finishing
Quality Assurance System
Optical spectrometers and development data
Gauges and instruments
New Product Infrmation
UV transmittance glass
UV & Near IR cut high contrast lens
Started production of molded optical glass lenses
●30〜100 mmφ
●30〜100 mm□
※Height : up to 50 mm
Glass material
●Such Crown glass, white sheet
●Such low expansion glass as Pyrex
※It is possible to utilize specially ordered glass materials
Finish accuracy
●Within the tolerance of ± 2.5micron
(for small size lenses)
●Within the tolerance of ±10micron (for Medium size lenses)
● Within the tolerance of ± 20micron (for larger size lenses)
● Please consult with us for finish accuracy
We comply with your development requirements for such optical devices as lenses for digital audio visual fields and aspherical lenses which require high technology

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2006.10 Product display at " Photonics West 2007"
2005.5 Product display at " Inter-Opt. 2005"
2004.8 Product display at " NIKKEI NANOTECH BUSINESS FAIR 2004"

Introduction of PUV glass(Power UV glass)


Permanent display at " Creation Core Higashi Osaka "

2003.4 Started production of glass-mold lenses
2001.12 Introduced Wedge Filters for optical fiber communication
2000.10 Drive Glass is patented
2000.9 Patented products
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