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NEWS 2000.10

Driving Sunglasses patented

UV cut 100% ●Color - Amber Brown ●Colored lens with 55% density
This sunglasses cut " glares and dazzles", but you can see very clearly red, blue and yellow traffic lights and tail lights of the cars in front.
It is dazzling for naked eyes.   It is difficult to see traffic lights clearly when you wear originally sunglasses.
You can see things very clearly with their vivid original colors for better drivability.
Traditional sunglasses for driving adopted the glass which transmit brown, yellow, pink and so on but shut other colors, or utilized the neutral glass which adequately shut whole visible ranges, or utilized the glass coated by special metal film, utilized the photomic glass, etc.
This patented driving sunglasses adopt the glass different than those traditional glasses and transmit such necessary colors as red, blue and yellow but adequately control other colors as well as the amount of lights transmitted. Moreover, as it is possible to control transmittance rate of red, blue and yellow respectively, you can make sunglasses with red emphasized, with natural red, with blue emphasized, and so on.
Therefore, this driving sunglasses are well suited for the traffic lights in any weather conditions.
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2006.10 Product display at " Photonics West 2007"
2005.5 Product display at " Inter-Opt. 2005"
2004.8 Product display at " NIKKEI NANOTECH BUSINESS FAIR 2004"

Introduction of PUV glass(Power UV glass)


Permanent display at " Creation Core Higashi Osaka "

2003.4 Started production of glass-mold lenses
2001.12 Introduced Wedge Filters for optical fiber communication
2000.10 Drive Glass is patented
2000.9 Patented products
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